Allan Photos from the 2010s

I attach here a few photos I found of Allan from the digital era. Unfortunately, I was a student of Allan’s (1984-1989) in the days when cameras had film, and I have no images of Allan from that period.

Allan receiving the Order of the Rising Sun, 2012
Allan receiving the Order of the Rising Sun, 2012
Allan sailing, 2010
Allan at the Brennen Symposium at Caltech, March, 2010
[L-R] Douglas Hart; Yan P. Kuhn de Chizelle; (unsure); Allan Acosta

One thought on “Allan Photos from the 2010s

  1. Thanks to everyone for all the stories, which make me wish I could have known him better. I took his fluids class in 1981-1982, quite an energetic lecturer. Sometimes I wondered if he was a little bored teaching the same undergrad material after many years (he went through the lectures like a machine, he knew it so well), but always with amazing enthusiasm. I talked with him one-on-one on several occasions, including years later, probably 1989, about my PhD research at UC Davis. I ended up doing rocket engineering after that. I fondly recall the bumper sticker on his car parked in the Thomas Lab lot, “Old sailors never die, they just get a little dinghy.” Happy sailing, Allan.
    John W.


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