Long Time Friendship between Professor Acosta and JAXA Friends (A friend of Allan since 1983, Takashi Shimura)

Friendship between professor Acosta and friends of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) started in 1970s. I would like to introduce our relationship a little bit. Professor Acosta accepted Dr. Kamijo of JAXA (later professor of Tohoku university) as a visiting scholar. It was the early stage of research and development of Japanese liquid rocket engine turbopumps. Research of rocket engine turbopumps has been carried out mainly at Kakuda Space Center of JAXA. The next visiting scholar was Dr. Yamada. The following picture was taken in 1982 at Caltech when I visited Caltech with my family during the stay of Dr. Yamada.

Professor Acosta kindly treated us lunch. As I took this picture, I was absent in the picture. My wife Makiko and my three years old son Munetaka joined with professor Acosta, professor Brennen and Dr. Yamada.

This picture was taken in the laboratory of professor Acosta. I was interested in the dynamic response of rocket engine turbomachinery.

After our visit to professor Acosta at Caltech, he visited Japan sometimes. When he visited Japan, professor Kamijo and I welcomed him playing the music instruments. Professor Acosta is a good player of the flute. The next picture was taken at the home of professor Kamijo.

Professor Acosta play the flute with the guitar of professor Kamijo and I. I think this picture shows Japanese spirit of entertainment, Omotenashi.

In 1986, a party to celebrate retirement of professor Murai from Tohoku university was held.

Professor Kamijo took this picture. Therefore, he is missing. Professor Acosta, professor Murai, professor Shima and his wife, Professor Kamijo and his wife, my wife and I joined together.

The next picture shows one scene of this party. Professor Kamijo and I played the guitar. I also played the bamboo flute.

In 1995, we have a chance to stay at a hotel in the Zao mountains, Zao Mets. The next picture shows the member gathered.

This picture was taken in front of the Zao Mets. Professor Acosta, professor Shima and his wife, professor Kamijo and his wife, my wife and I joined together.

I played the guitar with the flute of professor Acosta at the Zao Mets.

We had a concert at the lobby of the Zao Mets. Professor Acosta played the flute accompanied by my wife.

In 2011, AJK conference was held in Hamamatsu Japan. It was held soon after the gigantic earthquake attacked Tohoku district of Japan. Next picture was taken at a amall party during the conference joined by professor Acosta and JAXA people.

I was sitting to the right of professor Acosta. Professor Hirata and professor Uchiumi were sitting to the left of professor Acosta. I remember one thing. Professor Acosta was interested in the small ceramic ware which is used to rest chap sticks on. Therefore, I asked the shop manager if it is possible to buy the small ceramic ware for professor Acosta. Kindly, the shop manager presented it to him.

Just after the AJK conference in Hamamatsu, professor Acosta visited Tohoku district seriously damaged by the gigantic earthquake. He prayed to repose the souls of more than 18 thousand people died in the disaster. He is always anxious about us. The next picture was taken at that time in the area of Kakuda Space Center of JAXA.

Dr. Yamada showed professor Acosta around Kakuda Space Center. Professor Tsujimoto accompanied with them.

JAXA people are very grateful for the cooperation with professor Acosta. To express our gratitude, JAXA recommended professor Acosta as a candidate for the decoration of Japanese government. Dr. Yamada and I prepared for the application form of recommendation with the strong help of professor Tsujimoto. Fortunately, of course as a natural consequence, the application was accepted, and professor Acosta received the prestigious award at the Los Angeles Japanese Consulate in 2012. The next picture was taken at the ceremony held there.

The next picture shows the good luck flag we wrote to celebrate his achievement and to express our sincere gratitude.

Thank you very much again professor Acosta,

The former director of Kakuda Space Center

Takashi Shimura

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