Re: Allan Acosta

Hello everyone:

Like all of you, I was saddened to learn of Allan’s death.  He taught me a great deal, probably much more than he realized, about research, fluid mechanics, writing, and thinking, all of it informally.  He was also kind, for he let me explore a topic neither of us knew anything about, namely, non-Newtonian fluid mechanics.  All of his guidance came to the fore when I wrote a manuscript based on my PhD research.  It was a good paper, as it turned out, and he helped with the writing, but he thought that his name did not belong on the manuscript, saying that the work was all mine. I explained how much I had learned from him, as indicated above, and how much he had contributed to the paper in that way.  Happily, his name is there.  

It was part of the academic culture in those days — the sixties —  that I had to persuade my adviser to be a co-author. 

David James

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